1. The History of Sushi, Part II

    Welcome back to our blog series on the history of sushi! We get cravings for sushi, we eat it regularly (especially in places like D.C., where there are marvelous sushi restaurants at every turn), but we rarely stop to think about how this delicacy came to be. Our blog series is here to lay down the facts on how sushi made its way from China to Japan, all the way to Sushi Hachi! Find some facts, i…Read More

  2. The History of Sushi

    We all know how delicious sushi is. Especially if you’ve visited our sushi restaurant on 8th Street in Washington D.C., you know about our amazing roll selection. People know if they’re wasabi or pickled ginger types (or both), they know whether they dip their sushi into soy sauce or if they take more of a purist route. There’s so much we know about sushi, but how often do we stop and consid…Read More

  3. The Best Sushi Rolls for the Calorie-Conscious Eater

    For those who enjoy eating whole foods, or are watching what they eat, sushi may seem like a no-go. Many sushi rolls are laden with flavorful, yet fatty sauces, and tempura-fried fish. However, Japanese cuisine utilizes fresh, quality ingredients and when you order correctly, you can make sure to stay right on track with your preferences or goals. Not to mention, when you opt for sushi, you won’…Read More

  4. Welcome

    Welcome to Sushi Hachi's new blog! Please stay tuned for updates.…Read More